Impossible respondents and cubed interviews

By using inbound marketing techniques, we find respondents on Social Networks and we cater for your surveys – whatever the kind, qualitative, quantitative, B2B or B2C – with the ideal, most suitable and most enthusiastic sample. What’s most important, we do it in a short time and at the most competitive price comparing with traditional panel providers.

Once respondents are identified, we can either start immediately a CAWI interview, call them for a CATI or invite them to a Focus or even cube it all and combine web, telephone and F2 into a webcam interview. Say goodbye to the old traditional panels and create your own one, that is always updated and at hand!

CubeSurvey is born out of CATI expertise of IFF International with a dual aim: to innovate and to simplify the way we have conducted market research so far by breaking physical barriers (through video interviews) and by using the most powerful channels of communication today, the Social Media.

Survey Respondents
Cube Survey

Social Recruiting

We detect and interview your target through sponsored posts on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WeChat)

Cube Survey

(Im)possible Targets

Social Networks feature an enormous potential for millimiter profiling of the audience sought for your research. We will find for you targets that so far have been (im)possible.

Faster than ever

Much faster than CAWI panels. Access to results in the shortest ever time and extreme scalability.

Cube Survey

International Surveys

There’s no geographical limit for your researches, while there is the perfect Social Media for any of your studies and for each country. Reach your target throughout the world.

Qualitative & Quantitative

CubeSurvey detects respondents and interviews them both for qualitative and quantitative studies (Focus Groups, Car Clinics, In-Depth and so on).

Webcam Interviews

Respondents enter CAWI interview from the sponsored post or enter their data to be interviewed on the phone (CATI) or through WebCam.



the total number of hits that our sponsored posts counted in the last year


Cubed Projects

150 are the projects that were entirely conducted through Social Media



The number of users currently active on Social Media around the World.

What’s CubeSurvey?

Ennio Armato tells us how simple and quick  CubeSurvey for your market research.