Digital startup born out from analogue expertise of CATI for a more performing market research.

Meet our team

Ennio Armato starts work as a translator and as a telephone interviewer in 2004, then an escalation leads him to the opening of the biggest branch of IFF International in Palermo (Italy) and of the most strategic one in London. Today Ennio is Branch Manager at IFF Italy office.

His passion for technology brings him to design servers and softwares with the aim to optimize time, costs and quality of work. 2015 was the year of inbound marketing on Social Networks  boom and Ennio, always intrigued by these techniques, began to study this phenomenon and set up a digital marketing department.

In 2016 finally in occasion of ASSIRM Forum, the main event in the market research industry in Italy, he holds a workshop. During his speech Ennio shows how there’s no winner between CATI and CAWI method, but most people wrongly choose CAWI because of better pricing, while combining CATI, CAWI and F2F something newer can be obtained. However,  studying the matter, he realizes that the limit CATI and CAWI have in common is that penetration capacity cannot go below 20%.

In 2017 Ennio sets up CubeSurvey ad begins to carry out pilot surveys – in absence of  intermediaries and/or brands, at his own expense, detecting respondents by means of sponsored posts on Social Networks, in particular on Facebook (B2C) and LinkedIn (B2B) with two objectives in mind:

  • Testing the efficiency of recruiting on penetration percentages next to 0.1%;
  • Testing the availability of respondents to be interviewed through webcam.

In both cases the response was more than positive. At this point we started to involve all customers of IFF International, leaving them  really impressed by the amazing results.

CubeSurvey is a constantly evolving startup, that derives from the ingenuity and the passion for research of Ennio Armato, but, let us say, that exists thanks to the trust and the courage on the part of the organizations that believed in us.

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