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Cubed CAWI

Once audience has been detected, Cube Survey can send respondents a link that allows to answer a CAWI ( Computer Assisted Web Interview) questionnaire. In the last years  surveys and researches on the web have been made on representative samples, with penetration up to 80%. Cube Survey can cover a range that goes from 0,1 to 80%, thus meeting any penetration requirement.

IFF International in the years has developed a deep CAWI expertise, even if they don’t promote it as a main service. To said purpose Cube Survey developed a platform that can meet any CAWI requirement. Therefore Cube and IFF are able to supply in parallel all the collateral services: translation of questionnaires, data collection and so on.

CAWI is carried out  in 4 steps:

  • Users click on the sponsored post and enter their email address
  • Respondents receive an automatically generated email and click on the link
  • Respondents fill in the questionnaire and complete it
  • The software records answers and files the questionnaire as “completed”

Afterwards our data managers must ensure that answers are neat and then forward neat, defined and ready to be analyzed datafiles.

Sometimes CAWI can improve performance if respondents are encouraged by a reward, a prize that they can receive only after completing the questionnaire.

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