Get impossible Survey Respondents

On social networks we find impossible respondents for your survey

get survey respondents

Would you like to catch your impossible target?

By exploiting the non interrupting techniques of inbound marketing on Social Networks, Cube Survey subverts the system. Respondents participate to the survey spontaneously and aren’t part of a panel. They click on a sponsored post, land onto a specific form and they will provide:

  • Their telephone number in case of CATI
  • Their email address in case of CAWI or WebCam interview

For video interviews and for CATI, users can also decide when they prefer to be contacted, so that it’s the best time to be interviewed, for example when they are near to a certain product that is the main subject of the interview (e.g. in case of product test). Furthermore, any privacy issue is finally settled, because it’s the respondents that come to us and not the other way round.

The era of the interviewer bothering the respondent has come to an end.

Both quantitative and qualitative market research need to detect more and more accurately profiled respondents and the result is an extremely high cost of the study because we have to “take shots” at a huge number of  respondents. With Cube Survey we pass from a shooter logic to a “one shot one kill”: we get immediately to the distillate of the sample.

Finding respondent for B2C and B2B

We can certainly state that Facebook is the biggest panel in the world. It allows to create sponsored posts profiled by interests and by behaviors. More specific is the target, more the penetration percentage of respondents approaches 0%, while higher will be the commitment in participating to the survey. Social  Media environment influences the behavior of users instilling in them the primary feeling  to share, a desire to have a voice.

Moreover it’s obvious to everyone that the number of Facebook users is far higher than the number of members of any panel you may know and in addition the former  aren’t “professional interviewers”.

Each Social network has its own field of action. We will give preference to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for B2C audience, while for B2B the best panel is LinkedIn.

How to catch respondents on Social Networks

The tool we use to segment the audience that must see a specific sponsored post is Facebook Ads Manager. We can select place, age, gender, language, behaviors, tastes also on the basis of the Facebook pages users follow. The screenshot below shows a targeting and two kinds of sponsored posts which we used for one of our studies.

Creativity might well consist in an image, a video relevant to the product or to the service under study or even a member of our team who explains in a brief video the purpose of the survey and invites to participate to it.

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