Our over mother tongue 750 interviewers are ready for the next challenge.

You ask, we survey.

CATI cube survey

CATI fieldwork

CubeSurvey was born within one of the most impressive CATI fieldworks in Europe, IFF International.

The idea derives from a business need and then turns into a solution to the most common problem in market research: finding impossible targets all over the world.

Telephone survey is the most powerful and reliable quantitative research method. In this ecosystem Cube Survey is a unequalled fertilizer.

Therefore there is a close correlation between the two firms: when IFF needs some specific respondents they shall rely on Cube Survey. When Cube Survey need telephone interviewers they can count on IFF. They carry out two separate  activities at different times, but they can be considered as a single business with a sole purpose: reducing times and costs of market research, in particular the quantitative one, and improving quality of final result.

The over 750 mother tongue interviewers are the operative support to CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) service. In addition we elaborated a digital structure that enables operators to work from home whenever the workload makes it necessary.

Hosting of all projects is concentrated on our servers in Italy and in Germany, both equipped with dialers and VoIp telephone connections.

Organization of operation with a HUB concept allows to manage international projects on a large scale. No need to say, each project of Cube Survey can take advantage of the ten years’ experience of IFF International.

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