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Webcam survey

Add value to your research. Make your studies deeper with webcam interviews!

CubeSurvey derives from the know-how of  IFF International, that is an european point of reference for telephone market research. Thanks to CubeSurvey approach, that makes it possible to reach an extremely targeted audience, we allow our customers to carry out webcam interviews.

In this case respondents, after clicking on the sponsored post, get a link for access to private video-call immediately after entering their data and 30 minutes before that call itself takes place. The interview takes place on a platform that can be used also through a mobile phone. This enables us to interview respondents anywhere, increasing exponentially opportunities. They will be able to take us shopping, to show us the inside of their car and tell us what they like or they don’t or even show us how they use their new electric shaver.

The power of video interviews within quantitative survey is still unexplored and its main purposes are definitely customer satisfaction, product test, focus online, live and non live video-diary, video reviews and so on. Interviewer can be branded or have a branded or thematic background. Imagine interviewing customers of a prestigious car manufacturer with interviewers wearing a polo shirt or a cap with the logo of the client.

The added value consists in the opportunity to examine the videos using neuromarketing softwares for measuring sentiment and also to achieve “zero cost” qualitative insights.

The video below shows a WebCam interview to an impossible target.

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